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DORRIS is rapid information system, built with you in mind.
DORRIS Emergency Management Communication tool allowing Emergency services to alert you on the incoming emergency situation in your area, in a matter of seconds.
We have built our DORRIS Emergency Communication System following the latest international CAP (Common Alert Protocol) directions and it fits almost all Countries emergency codes and standards.

Are You a Smartphone User?

Get notified by text Message

If you are Smartphone user, you are welcome to install our DORRIS Mobile App to your Smartphone.
By using our Mobile App, you can monitor the real-time information for your area and get notified in case of emergency situation appear, just right after it’s issued by your local Emergency Management Agency.
DORRIS Mobile App is built to consume less energy and allow you to receive the real-time Emergency alerts in form of PUSH messages and sound signals, regarding a type of alert.

Our Mobile App is in development and will be available soon!

Are You Cell Phone User?

Get notified by text Message
Not matter if you don't have a smartphone and if you don't use the latest technology, we keep you informed in case of emergency situation in your area.
With our rapid text message technology you will be notified on emergency situation in seconds after it's issued.
Be the first to know when something is happening in your area. Receive the notifications and alerts right on your phone and right when they are happening in your area.
Get alerted by text message right to your phone.

Please, give us your basic details, your cell phone number, and your location. This is enough for us to alert you in case the emergency situation appears in your area.

Privacy Policy
By giving information about your cell phone number, you agree to receive the emergency alerts from DORRIS and our partners – Emergency Management Agencies in your area.
Your cell phone number will not be used to send advertisings of any kind and would not be sold, shared or given to any third parties at any circumstances.
You can stop your subscription at any moment directly on our system.

Are You a PRESS media?

If you are PRESS Media and looking for real-time information on the emergency situation in your area or whenever in the world, DORRIS can support you the right way.
Please register your email and you’re targeting Country with DORRIS and we should notify you by email whenever some emergency situation or disaster is registered by our partners – Emergency Management Agencies, right when they are published.
The same way, you can get notified in case of any emergency or disaster alert issued in your target area, just in seconds after they are issued.
You are free to use information’s published on our system (events, alerts and photos) as long as you are registered in our database to receive such information’s from DORRIS, and as long as you include the link back to us, as a source of information’s.

Collecting information’s

To collect information’s about the events in different regions and Countries, DORRIS is establishing cooperation with local Emergency Management authorities in different regions and Countries.
This mean, Disaster Management Agencies in each Country is solely responsible to provide information’s about the events in their area. They are authorized to publish the event data, to update the event over the time, to issue the warnings and dangers and more.
In some cases, DORRIS administrators can publish the event in case local authority is unable to do it for some reason, and in this case, we should use only the proven event information from known and proven sources.
On this way, we are able to provide only the proven and timely information to publicity.

Distribution of Information’s

All of the event and alert information are from local Emergency Management Agencies and are stored in the database and accessible for later use.

Event processing
At the moment when an event is created in our database, all relevant information’s about the event are published on our website and automatically sent to all PRESS media interested in events in the specified area.
To create and publish the event, our Partners (Local Emergency Management Agencies) need no more than 1 minute after the event begin so publicity will be informed in a timely manner on latest events in different areas.

Alert processing
After the event is processed, Emergency Management Agency can trigger alert status at any moment, to alert citizens in the affected area on the emergency situation and give them enough time to hide, evacuate or do other actions recommended by local Emergency Management Agency. Alert issuing process takes less than a minute and trigger the different processes, allowing us to alert citizens by DORRIS website, DORRIS social media channels, our PRESS media partners, cell phone text messages, smartphone alerts and more, just a minutes after the alert situation appear.
This is a fastest and most accurate technology to alert a large number of people on incoming danger.
Use it for your good and for good of your family members, friends, and other people. DORRIS Emergency Communication technology is FREE for you and will give you enough time to leave the affected area or do other actions recommended by local Emergency Management authorities in order to save your life!

DORRIS - Emergency Management Communication System Mobile App
Be the first to know when something happening in your area!