We create powerful emergency alert solutions that go beyond usual functionality.

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What we Offer

  • Responsiveness

    Timely response in the shortest possible time during a crisis situation is of extreme importance. The DORRISS emergency communication solution gives you exact knowledge of what is exactly happening and where and the right and powerful tools to respond to the crisis situation in pieces of times you are using now.

  • Cooperation

    During the emergency situation, cooperation with citizens is crucial, both in alerting citizens and during the evacuations and better understanding of the situation. Our innovative approach to alerting people to danger helps you with this complex task and free your forces for other important tasks you have to do.

  • Future innovations

    We are not staying in one place, but moving forward with innovative ways of easing your work. We are here to help you to save the lives of people in your area by finding new and innovative ways of using technologies in your everyday work.

Our Core services

We make simple, fast and user friendly emergency communication platform.

SMS Alert

SMS (text message) alert is a standard part of every existing alert system in the world and is widely used by all emergency agencies all over the world. Functional technology but with many limits.

Mobile App Alert

Mobile App has many progressive features not available in other technologies. We are using all of the features offered by Mobile Apps, not limiting them just a few basic features, as many other competitors.

Web Alerts

While many of our competitors are concentrating only on publishing news on their websites, DORRISS has done few steps more, offering direct alerts on our own website and also on our partners' websites.

Connected Car Alerts

Not matter if you are at your home, work, or outside, DORRISS has a solution for you. Our connected car feature allows you to get alerted to imminent danger even if you are in your car traveling.

Smart City Alert

Being in open places in the town doesn't mean you should be unprotected, even if you don't have your mobile phone with you. Our Smart City Alert system gives you full protection in urban areas through the smart city pannels.

Advenced services

These were the five strongest technologies we are using, but not all of them. Except this we are using other available technologies and techniques to alert people, inventing new ways to ensure people's safety in affected areas.

Additional Services

DORRISS geo-targeted alerts DORRISS is using the fine geo-targeted location alerts, which allow us to alert the whole country or region at once, or on the street or city quartal, ensuring that only the people in real danger should be alerted, not raising the panic with people who are not in direct danger.

This way we help to release the first responder's resources there where they are really needed, allowing them to concentrate on the most important tasks - saving lives of people who are in real danger, preparing the rest of the population, closest to affected zones to evacuation or other actions recommended by the first responders.

DORRISS cross-border support Our "different" approach to using the Mobile App and logic of alerting citizens allows us to provide cross-border support, not depending on the subscription or linking residents to the specific geographical location.

This way, using the DORRISS alert system, authorities and first responders can alert not only residents registered in the specific affected area but also travelers and tourists residing in the affected area in the moment of emergency, wherever they are and wherever they came from. In the times of global migrations, when people travel for business or leisure, this is a very important feature.

DORRISS Emergency control pannel Our custom-built BackOffice is giving the authorities and first responders administrators a fast view into all evenings in their area of responsibility in just a few seconds, allowing them to track and monitor situations, giving them time to react just on time and make data-driven decisions.

We understand that human lives are most important and that first responder needs the best tool they can have. Our Backoffice is built with them in mind, connecting the latest technologies first responders can need.

DORRISS Innovative Emergency Technologies The situation with climate change, security threats, and emergencies are developing very fast and in unpredicted ways, and authorities and first responders need powerful tools to make their work faster and easier.

Our team is dedicated to continuous innovations in the area of technologies to use and the way of their usage, ensuring that authorities and first responders would always be using the latest and most modern technologies, when they need them and where they need them. Innovations never stop, as we always listen to our partners and trying to fulfill their needs.

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