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    Robust emergency management solutions.
    mobile devices

    Mobile App alerts

    SMS Alerts

    Web Alerts

    Smart City Alerts

    Connected Car Alerts

    Crossboarder support

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    Powerful emergency management platform.
    That's DORRISS.
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    14 different technologies working as one

    One single control pannel

    Cross-border support with no subscription

    Fast and easy to operate from everywhere

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    Innovative solution. Modern technologies. Powerful engine. Easy to use.
    Meet DORRISS, the innovative emergency communication solution
    built to ease your work and ensure safety of people in your area.

What we Offer

  • Responsiveness

    Responding in the shortest possible time during a crisis situation is of extreme importance. The DORRISS emergency communication solution gives you exact knowledge of what is exactly happening and where.

  • Cooperation

    During the emergency situation, cooperation with citizens is crucial, both in alerting citizens and during the evacuations and better understanding of the situation. Our innovative approach helps you with this complex task.

  • Future innovations

    We are not staying in one place, but moving forward with innovative ways of easing your work. We are here to help you to save the life of people in your area.

Some stats

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Our Service process

Our system is tailored to fulfill the needs of any of your clients, but there are always some features that should be improved or implemented.
We are thriving to give you a best in the class service, improving the features and building a new one to fully meet your expectations.

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Setting Up

After we understand your specific needs, the accounts would be created and the system would be initially set up for you.

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Put it in Action

Ones when everything is set up for you, our specialist will visit you again and provide training for all your teams.

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Providing Support

We offer you continuous support during the whole period of the contract, especially in your crisis situations.