Why DORRIS Emergency Management Platform?

Unlike any other Emergency Management Communication alternatives, we give you a fast and reliable Emergency alerts for your area using different modern technologies and innovation, employing them together FOR YOUR SAFETY.

Public Relations
In the event of emergency timely and proper informing of people is very important. DORRIS allows you to publish events in your region from a single control panel and share them with the public. Quickly publish news, updates, alerts, photos, and videos and to keep people informed on situation development.
Mobile Alert
Ones issued an alert in our Emergency Management database, all smartphones and iPhones users will be alerted in a matter of seconds, for their exact position at the moment when you issue an alert. DORRIS automatically alert people in the move and those in public places on danger in the affected area.
SMS Alert
For those persons who use a cell phone, an automatic alert will be delivered by text message in the selected area. Don't miss a chance to send important life-saving information's to all citizens in your area! This technology has some limitations but is still pretty good when combined with the other technologies.
Web and Social Networks
DORRIS can show your alert on public websites and web portals in your local area the same moment when you issue it! Ones when you published an emergency event in your area, share it with all popular Social Media with only one click. This process is automatic on DORRIS system.
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Responding to an emergency in event of imminent danger is a joint effort of Government, Emergency Managers, Commercial Companies and citizens. There is no proper life saving without the citizens share. You can help today rising safety too!






We always innovate new ways to use existing technologies and looking the way, together with our clients and partners to innovate and build new technologies to help first responders. Safety of residents in emergency management is our first concern. DORRIS can alert people in a matter of seconds and in case of any emergency, including avalanche, chemical or biological emergency, drought, explosion, extreme cold, extreme heat, fire, landslides & debris flow, nuclear attack, severe weather, snowstorms, storm, tropical cyclone, terrorist attack, volcano eruption, wildfire or any other emergency that may appear.

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